La La La~ (koenma) wrote in taschi,
La La La~

Tasuki: I got ya there!

Location : Half Way Point to Pond

'HA! Bingo!'

"Well then...," Tasuki turns around quickly and gives Chichiri a big giant crushing bear hug beaming with a large smile on his face, "I KNEW you would open up!"

Tasuki releases Chichiri and holds up a hand to pause any of Chichiri's thoughts, "No I didn't do that to trick you. And yes I use my head. So shut up. I just think that you should open up more ok? So don't go fucking with my mind and don't fuck yourself up. You take care ok? And maybe when you're more calm, you can chat with me about those emotional things. I really want to help here ok? So don't fucking ignore me and go storming off ok? Promise me on that," Tasuki waits for an answer tapping his foot.
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