La La La~ (koenma) wrote in taschi,
La La La~

Tasuki: Woah! Someone's bitchy here!

Location : Half way point between the pond and bath area ((Lets just leave it at that lol))

Tasuki lets go and stands there glaring at the monk, 'So this is how it goes? Che! What a fucking day!'

"Fine. You don't want help right? Fine. You can go and wallow in your self pity. You shouldn't be a monk even if you're going to be like that," with that said, Tasuki turns around and walks off shoulders slumped in defeat.

'Fuck this all. If he wants to wallow in pain it's fine with me. Fucking bastard.'

Tasuki stops in his tracks and turns around anger in his eyes, "Tomorrow Chichiri. If you fucking aren't going to cooperate today, I'll ask you tomorrow and they day after that. I don't fucking care what you think. I'm trying to help here, but it seems that you're not in the mood right now. I don't know what's going on in your mind right now, but I'll here as a friend. We all care for you and I sure as hell won't let your past get the best of you! You go and collect yourself up 'cause I sure ain't going to fight you at all," Tasuki turns away and runs to his room.
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