Sicil (bronzejarith) wrote in taschi,

Chichiri: The breaking point

Location : That area ((no, not that area, but we're getting close))

::He's fast. The concept has crossed his mind before. Spun around, facing one very pissed off bandit, the grip on his wrist just a tad before actual bruising.::

::And then he gets pissed off. What right does this intolerable boy . . . child have to ask anything of him, if he did not wish to give? He doesn't know anything . . . and Chichiri doesn't have to explain it to him!::

"Let go!!" ::The words come out in a near-hiss. It's shocking to even him how much emotion he puts into those words. But it is hardly the time to consider. He twists in Tasuki's grasp, trying to get free. Trying to get away.:: "Let GO!! Get your hand off me! Don't try to help me-- I don't need your damned assistance. Leave me alone!! I don't want to talk about it!! LEAVE. ME. ALONE!!!!"
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