La La La~ (koenma) wrote in taschi,
La La La~

Tasuki: Oh this is fun... Oh goody *moan and bitches*

"Don't you dare fuck with me!" Tasuki grabs Chichiri by the wrist and turns him around eyes blazing.

'Oh you think you're so damn confident. You're not supposed to close on me like that! Meditation my ass!'

"Meditation my ass! You do that later! You're coming with me to the pond area to talk buddy. I'm not letting you go THAT easily. Shit I'm not that fucking dumb Chichiri. I'm trying to help here and you're busing me up like crazy!" Tasuki starts to tug on Chichiri's arm, "Come on. Lets just have a nice talk," he says it quietly now with more concern.
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