Sicil (bronzejarith) wrote in taschi,

Chichiri: Nanda? I'm perky, no da!

Location : Chichi's room

:: Has lots of candles all around the place; it's quite dark outside now, so either light up or stumble over everything! @.@ Not like Chichiri would, noooo . . . he's far too organized for that. Knows where everything is to an inch or two. So he's a little too organized . . . Walks around now lighting the few last ones, and then goes and falls on this mat in the exact center of the room. He clasps his hands together in a meditative pose and begins . . . well . . . meditating! ::

/Suzaku, blessed god whom I worship and adore . . . wow, Tasuki's hair is red, no da./ :: *blinku* :: /The fire of Konan-koku, grant me the strength for tomorrow . . . fire, like him; he's like eternal flames- they'll never die out, never be extinguished. Right. Meditation. Back to meditation. >.<;;;; Give me the will in order to carry out Your voice and commands . . . I wonder what he's doing right now, no da./

/ . . . DAAAA~!!!/ :: This was not supposed to happen. The monk's concentration was absolute, unbreakable. Images of Tasuki were not supposed to flash by. Images of the big chicken were, but that wasn't helping. Tasuki Tasuki Tasuki. What was wrong with him? ((*snicker*)) So he definitely wasn't going to get anything done tonight. Whispering an apology to his god, he gestured, and the room faded into darkness. ^^; It was useful to be able to do that; too many lightings and relightings were tedious. ::

:: Now, to bed. He strips off his clothes, since the night has turned surprisingly mild, and slips into bed, pulling the light blanket overtop of him. The day has been more exhausting for the monk than he believed, and soon Chichiri is completely asleep. ::

(("Dun dun dunnnnnn . . . "))
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