Sicil (bronzejarith) wrote in taschi,

Chichiri: O_O

Location : Halfway point, then

::That was . . . unexpected. That was . . . unexpected. That was just . . . unexpected!! He's totally confounded. O.O This was entirely bizzare. He was not acting like himself and Tasuki acting rational?!?!? Bizzare. Just . . . mind-boggling. Stands there in total shock.::

::But he realizes how badly he acted, how he must appear to Tasuki now. The guilt loads on rapidly. >.<; There wasn't really a cause for all his anger, just . . . the feeling of helplessness. Of not being able to do something. It's tearing him apart, slowly devouring him inside.::

::Before he knows it, he's caught up to Tasuki, put a gentle, timid hand on one shoulder.:: "Tasuki . . . I'm sorry. I acted badly. And I shouldn't have taken out my anger on you like that. Please forgive me."

::There. It was out. The best he could do. Now he waits for a reply on the edge, a thin, crumbling edge at that. Redemption, or . . . hell?::
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