Sicil (bronzejarith) wrote in taschi,

Chichiri: And yet more denial . . .

Location : Outside the Bath Area ((oh, is that an official title now?))

/He doesn't understand, not at all. But then, who would expect him to?/ ::He won't fall into anger; give way with rage, though. He let Tasuki's words slide over him, as still and calm as the water on a pond with no breeze to stir it.::

"What mood, no da? I'm always in a perky mood, na no da!" ::It was a little hard to keep up the high, falsely-cheerful voice. He wanted to brood. Alone. And this insistent bandit screeching at him didn't exactly help matters.::

"Gomen nasai if I acted like that, no da! I had absolutely no clue I was doing so!" /Yeah right. >.<;;;/ "It must be the . . . umm . . . heat, no da! ^.^ I shall go apologize to Nuriko-kun later too, no da!"

::Tasuki looked as if he wanted to say more. Shoot. Think of an excuse, you blasted monk!:: "Da . . . ano . . . Oh! It's almost meditation time, no da! I must be off, Tasuki-kun, na no da! I'll talk to you later, no da!!!" ::Without waiting for any reaction whatsoever, he turned from the bandit and started to walk away. He couldn't bear to see his inquisitive, prying eyes again. They stared right into his soul; dredging up the sins of the past, the water. No no. He couldn't go back, so it would be pointless for him to dwell on it.::

/Now, meditating . . . at least that's a way to atone for some of my sins . . ./
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