La La La~ (koenma) wrote in taschi,
La La La~

Tasuki: Denial awaits!

Location : Outside of the Bath Area.

'Woah that was a sudden change of mood. Is this stupid monk trying to pull my fucking strings here again? Got damn it!'

"Don't fucking give me that shit! I can see your damn mood through that mask moron. Why did you get all moody on Nuriko and me?" Tasuki stands there studying the monks face looking for some emotion.

"Nuriko didn't mean to suffocate me in the water," 'Oh that was smart. Damn I'm such a dumbass sometimes...', "I mean he didn't do no harm. I mean he didn't use his damn superhuman strength. And don't say that I lied 'cause I *knew* I was able to lift myself up from the water if I needed air. You just had to shoot a mood at us. Come on Chichiri, what the heck is up with you?"
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