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Chichiri: Playing

Location : ((*sighs* Fiiine, I'll say it without any hentai mentioning.)) BAAATH Area

:: Watches as they brawl it out: Tasuki's not having much luck there. ^^;;; So much for big, bad, and brawny. But then, Nuriko's not bad-looking, if you don't mind slender like a girl. Everything's playful and innocent, until Nuriko manages to get the bandit's swearing, struggling head under the water. ::

:: He doesn't even notice himself springing into action, slapping Nuriko's hand away and grabbing one of Tasuki's arms, heaving him up until his head resurfaces. Thankfully, he is only heaving large amounts of air in. ::

:: Chichiri knows he overreacted. Badly. Nuriko knows his own strength, and is utterly careful when using it around his friends. And Tasuki has been afraid of the water long enough to have his own methods out of it. It's still a painful reminder . . . :: /What could have happened . . . friendships were torn apart that way! Dammit, don't they know . . . don't they care?/

:: Everyone is staring at him oddly, almost concerned, but he doesn't care. He should never care. Yet he feels like shouting out "DON'T!!! Don't play with life like that! Look at me! Look at me!!! This is what happens . . . this goddamned scar . . ." Tasuki's reaching for him, face ashen, but not from being dunked in the water. ::

"Don't touch me." :: This time he really snaps, pulling away, backing up before his back hits the smooth marble behind him. He takes the mask off finally, eye going up to meet Tasuki's, before looking off to the side. He won't lead their lives; they have to make their own decisions. He'll only offer them some advice. ::

"You can never tell how valuable lives are . . . not until you're courting death itself. But this shall always tell me how foolishly I played with life and death . . . and how everyone had to pay because of my actions." :: He can't say anymore; his voice has gotten low and broken enough as it is. And now his physical composure is going too . . . Abruptly, Chichiri turns and gets out of the bath, quickly gathering his things in one fluid motion (it helped that he laid them down neatly) before quickly walking towards the exit. ::

:: He's . . . yes. The tears on his face are evident enough. He's crying. ::
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