Sicil (bronzejarith) wrote in taschi,

Chichiri: Now now, calm down, no da

Location : Bath Area ((aww . . . no? *wobble wobble*))

:: Is a little hurt by Tasuki's comment, but nothing escapes the mask. Still, he manages to come out mildly annoyed with it all. :: "You never told me to warn you." :: o.o Strange . . . it's almost in a snappish sort of tone. The mask frowns at Tasuki. ::

:: Turns to Nuriko. :: "Ano . . . he sort of invited himself along, no da. ^^;;;; I don't quite mind though, it's nice to have friends around. And yes, how did you manage to get away from your attendants, Nuriko-kun?"

((For future reference, either '::' for the motions, or just nothing at all. Gets confusing when Mochi tries to put 'em as thoughts. ^^))
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