La La La~ (koenma) wrote in taschi,
La La La~

Tasuki: Damn it all!

Location: Bath Area ((No orgy yet Sicil! *kicks her*))

Tasuki heads to the northern side of the bath area away from Nuriko and Chichiri. 'Che! Damn bastards! Can't give me some time to relax even!' He then forgets that his bottle of sake is on the southern side and heads back to get it.

Rushing back to the other side, "Damn Nuriko. Don't do that ok?! Fucking damn it! And Shut Up Chichiri! If you *knew* he was behind be at least warn me why don't cha!" Tasuki ends it with a giant sigh and sinks back down into the water.

'Geeze! I'm supposed to relax, not sense Ki. Fuck it all!! I'm going to relax this time if it takes the whole damn day!'

"Shut the heck up Nuriko. I can be damn quite for once if you don't come out of no where and scare the hell out of me. What the hell are you here any ways? Are you supposed to be in the rooms getting your ass glamorized?"

((Cameron, your icon ^__^ Never knew that Nuriko can look like JC XD You're scaring Sicil away! *grins*))
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