Sicil (bronzejarith) wrote in taschi,

Chichiri: D-daaaa!!!

Location : Soap'n'orgy Area ((*cough cough* I mean, *BATH* Area))

::Sits contently with his back arched, innocently aware of Tasuki's feasting eyes on him. Some things never change. >.<;; He notes the silence with all his usual intellect ((Da!)), and is just about to start up a conversation, when . . .::

"Nuriko, good of you to come in, no da." ::Him, being the wise and powerful monk he is, of course sensed the other's chi when he came in. Unlike Tasuki, who's about to hit the roof. ^^;; Sees that the so-said bandit isn't calming down any time soon, and makes placating gestures with his hands.:: "Easy, easy, Tasuki-kun. If you were to concentrate hard enough, you would have sensed his chi, no da!" ::Now there's a concept, Tasuki concentrating hard . . . on anything. Well, maybe on one or two things he does, but this isn't likely one of them.::

"Now . . . why don't we all settle down and enjoy the peace while it lasts?" ::Arches an eyebrow wisely at them and goes back to his relaxation.::
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