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Chichiri: Nanda? I'm perky, no da! [08 Sep 2001|11:58pm]

Location : Chichi's room

:: Has lots of candles all around the place; it's quite dark outside now, so either light up or stumble over everything! @.@ Not like Chichiri would, noooo . . . he's far too organized for that. Knows where everything is to an inch or two. So he's a little too organized . . . Walks around now lighting the few last ones, and then goes and falls on this mat in the exact center of the room. He clasps his hands together in a meditative pose and begins . . . well . . . meditating! ::

/Suzaku, blessed god whom I worship and adore . . . wow, Tasuki's hair is red, no da./ :: *blinku* :: /The fire of Konan-koku, grant me the strength for tomorrow . . . fire, like him; he's like eternal flames- they'll never die out, never be extinguished. Right. Meditation. Back to meditation. >.<;;;; Give me the will in order to carry out Your voice and commands . . . I wonder what he's doing right now, no da./

/ . . . DAAAA~!!!/ :: This was not supposed to happen. The monk's concentration was absolute, unbreakable. Images of Tasuki were not supposed to flash by. Images of the big chicken were, but that wasn't helping. Tasuki Tasuki Tasuki. What was wrong with him? ((*snicker*)) So he definitely wasn't going to get anything done tonight. Whispering an apology to his god, he gestured, and the room faded into darkness. ^^; It was useful to be able to do that; too many lightings and relightings were tedious. ::

:: Now, to bed. He strips off his clothes, since the night has turned surprisingly mild, and slips into bed, pulling the light blanket overtop of him. The day has been more exhausting for the monk than he believed, and soon Chichiri is completely asleep. ::

(("Dun dun dunnnnnn . . . "))
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Tasuki: Sure. Yeah right!!! [02 Sep 2001|07:53pm]

Location: Heading towards his room.

Carrying two fairly large bottles of Saki with him, Tasuki heads to his room to have some fun drinking.

"Drink to relax. FUCKING WONDERFUL!" Tasuki plops on the bed and starts to take a swig from his first bottle.

"I hope Chichiri is having fun. Fucking praying is not fucking fun damn it." Another swig and Tasuki is starting to think more.

"Argh! I'm not supposed to be thinking right now!!! FUCK! Damn Chichiri. Always making me go check up on him. Fucking DAMN IT!" Tasuki gets up and heads to Chichiri's room.
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Chichiri: Back to his cheerful self! [22 Aug 2001|02:46pm]

Location : Halfway

:: ^^;;;;;;;;;; Tasuki's a little . . . animated sometimes. But at least he patched up! o.o He doesn't like being in arguments, especially amongst his friends. Now he can happily go do his prayers with peace of mind.::

"Hai, Tasuki-kun, no da! Don't drink too much, na no da!"

::Skips away. Right. Skips.::
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Tasuki: Score! ((*kicks the sick minded* Not like that people ;_;)) [21 Aug 2001|02:37pm]

Location : Halfway point to the pond.

"Ok then. You go on to your prayers now. I'm going to go kick back. I want to relax and I will," Tasuki gives Chichiri another hug before leaving.

"Remember! We're talking about this! You better not do that shit! You made that promise and I'll make sure you keep it!" Tasuki yells behind his back, "YEAH! I'm going to get fucking drunk! YEAH!"
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Chichiri: Crushed!! o.o [17 Aug 2001|10:04am]

Location : On the way to Tasuki's room!


::All the air leaves his lungs as he is mega-glomped by Tasuki. +_+ Deprived of that, it's a little hard to train his mind on what the other has to say. *stagger stagger*::

::*blinkublinku*:: /He seems sincere, though . . ./ ::And he was expecting some form of agreement, too.:: "Err . . . hai, Tasuki-kun, no da!"
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Tasuki: I got ya there! [16 Aug 2001|12:36am]

Location : Half Way Point to Pond

'HA! Bingo!'

"Well then...," Tasuki turns around quickly and gives Chichiri a big giant crushing bear hug beaming with a large smile on his face, "I KNEW you would open up!"

Tasuki releases Chichiri and holds up a hand to pause any of Chichiri's thoughts, "No I didn't do that to trick you. And yes I use my head. So shut up. I just think that you should open up more ok? So don't go fucking with my mind and don't fuck yourself up. You take care ok? And maybe when you're more calm, you can chat with me about those emotional things. I really want to help here ok? So don't fucking ignore me and go storming off ok? Promise me on that," Tasuki waits for an answer tapping his foot.
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Chichiri: O_O [16 Aug 2001|12:21am]

Location : Halfway point, then

::That was . . . unexpected. That was . . . unexpected. That was just . . . unexpected!! He's totally confounded. O.O This was entirely bizzare. He was not acting like himself and Tasuki acting rational?!?!? Bizzare. Just . . . mind-boggling. Stands there in total shock.::

::But he realizes how badly he acted, how he must appear to Tasuki now. The guilt loads on rapidly. >.<; There wasn't really a cause for all his anger, just . . . the feeling of helplessness. Of not being able to do something. It's tearing him apart, slowly devouring him inside.::

::Before he knows it, he's caught up to Tasuki, put a gentle, timid hand on one shoulder.:: "Tasuki . . . I'm sorry. I acted badly. And I shouldn't have taken out my anger on you like that. Please forgive me."

::There. It was out. The best he could do. Now he waits for a reply on the edge, a thin, crumbling edge at that. Redemption, or . . . hell?::
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Tasuki: Woah! Someone's bitchy here! [16 Aug 2001|12:02am]

Location : Half way point between the pond and bath area ((Lets just leave it at that lol))

Tasuki lets go and stands there glaring at the monk, 'So this is how it goes? Che! What a fucking day!'

"Fine. You don't want help right? Fine. You can go and wallow in your self pity. You shouldn't be a monk even if you're going to be like that," with that said, Tasuki turns around and walks off shoulders slumped in defeat.

'Fuck this all. If he wants to wallow in pain it's fine with me. Fucking bastard.'

Tasuki stops in his tracks and turns around anger in his eyes, "Tomorrow Chichiri. If you fucking aren't going to cooperate today, I'll ask you tomorrow and they day after that. I don't fucking care what you think. I'm trying to help here, but it seems that you're not in the mood right now. I don't know what's going on in your mind right now, but I'll here as a friend. We all care for you and I sure as hell won't let your past get the best of you! You go and collect yourself up 'cause I sure ain't going to fight you at all," Tasuki turns away and runs to his room.
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Chichiri: The breaking point [15 Aug 2001|11:32pm]

Location : That area ((no, not that area, but we're getting close))

::He's fast. The concept has crossed his mind before. Spun around, facing one very pissed off bandit, the grip on his wrist just a tad before actual bruising.::

::And then he gets pissed off. What right does this intolerable boy . . . child have to ask anything of him, if he did not wish to give? He doesn't know anything . . . and Chichiri doesn't have to explain it to him!::

"Let go!!" ::The words come out in a near-hiss. It's shocking to even him how much emotion he puts into those words. But it is hardly the time to consider. He twists in Tasuki's grasp, trying to get free. Trying to get away.:: "Let GO!! Get your hand off me! Don't try to help me-- I don't need your damned assistance. Leave me alone!! I don't want to talk about it!! LEAVE. ME. ALONE!!!!"
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Tasuki: Oh this is fun... Oh goody *moan and bitches* [15 Aug 2001|11:21pm]

"Don't you dare fuck with me!" Tasuki grabs Chichiri by the wrist and turns him around eyes blazing.

'Oh you think you're so damn confident. You're not supposed to close on me like that! Meditation my ass!'

"Meditation my ass! You do that later! You're coming with me to the pond area to talk buddy. I'm not letting you go THAT easily. Shit I'm not that fucking dumb Chichiri. I'm trying to help here and you're busing me up like crazy!" Tasuki starts to tug on Chichiri's arm, "Come on. Lets just have a nice talk," he says it quietly now with more concern.
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Chichiri: And yet more denial . . . [15 Aug 2001|11:11pm]

Location : Outside the Bath Area ((oh, is that an official title now?))

/He doesn't understand, not at all. But then, who would expect him to?/ ::He won't fall into anger; give way with rage, though. He let Tasuki's words slide over him, as still and calm as the water on a pond with no breeze to stir it.::

"What mood, no da? I'm always in a perky mood, na no da!" ::It was a little hard to keep up the high, falsely-cheerful voice. He wanted to brood. Alone. And this insistent bandit screeching at him didn't exactly help matters.::

"Gomen nasai if I acted like that, no da! I had absolutely no clue I was doing so!" /Yeah right. >.<;;;/ "It must be the . . . umm . . . heat, no da! ^.^ I shall go apologize to Nuriko-kun later too, no da!"

::Tasuki looked as if he wanted to say more. Shoot. Think of an excuse, you blasted monk!:: "Da . . . ano . . . Oh! It's almost meditation time, no da! I must be off, Tasuki-kun, na no da! I'll talk to you later, no da!!!" ::Without waiting for any reaction whatsoever, he turned from the bandit and started to walk away. He couldn't bear to see his inquisitive, prying eyes again. They stared right into his soul; dredging up the sins of the past, the water. No no. He couldn't go back, so it would be pointless for him to dwell on it.::

/Now, meditating . . . at least that's a way to atone for some of my sins . . ./
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Tasuki: Denial awaits! [15 Aug 2001|09:35pm]

Location : Outside of the Bath Area.

'Woah that was a sudden change of mood. Is this stupid monk trying to pull my fucking strings here again? Got damn it!'

"Don't fucking give me that shit! I can see your damn mood through that mask moron. Why did you get all moody on Nuriko and me?" Tasuki stands there studying the monks face looking for some emotion.

"Nuriko didn't mean to suffocate me in the water," 'Oh that was smart. Damn I'm such a dumbass sometimes...', "I mean he didn't do no harm. I mean he didn't use his damn superhuman strength. And don't say that I lied 'cause I *knew* I was able to lift myself up from the water if I needed air. You just had to shoot a mood at us. Come on Chichiri, what the heck is up with you?"
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Chichiri: In denial [14 Aug 2001|11:00pm]

::Dark, gloomy mood. You know, the ones that even the smiling mask can't hide. He handled the situation badly, all and all. At least, that's what he thinks. And now the guilt's loading up again.:: /Damn./

::Hears Tasuki's voice, sighs inwardly, and stops. Now for the consequences. Maybe he'll just play chipper and hope everyone leaves him alone. Yeah, that might work. ^.^;;;; :: "Da?" ::Goes all chibified.:: "Nani-o, Tasuki-kun, no da?"
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Tasuki: Baka!!! [13 Aug 2001|06:56pm]

"Ok then! I'll see you later!" Tasuki takes off after Chichiri's retreating form.

"OI! Chichiri! Stop your fucking ass! Don't you walk away from me! Chichiri!" He takes off sprinting now running after the monk.

'Don't you dare close up on me now! I don't know what made you get mad off like that so quickly, but I'll find out! I know all about that valuable life crap is, but what the hell crawled up his ass?! DAMN!'
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Tasuki: UGH! [11 Aug 2001|11:07am]

Area: Bath Area ((Hey stop being like that Sicil *grins*))

Tasuki spits out a few drops of the water that has been inhaled through his mouth, "Got damn it! What the hell is wrong with Chichiri? Damn Nuriko! Ok. We definitely need to go talk to him. Comon!"

Tasuki heads to the end of the pool and takes his towel. Jumping up and wrapping the towel around his waist quickly, he rushes after Chichiri, "Oi! Matte Baka Yarou! Nuriko! Get your ass in gear!"
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Chichiri: Playing [10 Aug 2001|10:48pm]

Location : ((*sighs* Fiiine, I'll say it without any hentai mentioning.)) BAAATH Area

:: Watches as they brawl it out: Tasuki's not having much luck there. ^^;;; So much for big, bad, and brawny. But then, Nuriko's not bad-looking, if you don't mind slender like a girl. Everything's playful and innocent, until Nuriko manages to get the bandit's swearing, struggling head under the water. ::

:: He doesn't even notice himself springing into action, slapping Nuriko's hand away and grabbing one of Tasuki's arms, heaving him up until his head resurfaces. Thankfully, he is only heaving large amounts of air in. ::

:: Chichiri knows he overreacted. Badly. Nuriko knows his own strength, and is utterly careful when using it around his friends. And Tasuki has been afraid of the water long enough to have his own methods out of it. It's still a painful reminder . . . :: /What could have happened . . . friendships were torn apart that way! Dammit, don't they know . . . don't they care?/

:: Everyone is staring at him oddly, almost concerned, but he doesn't care. He should never care. Yet he feels like shouting out "DON'T!!! Don't play with life like that! Look at me! Look at me!!! This is what happens . . . this goddamned scar . . ." Tasuki's reaching for him, face ashen, but not from being dunked in the water. ::

"Don't touch me." :: This time he really snaps, pulling away, backing up before his back hits the smooth marble behind him. He takes the mask off finally, eye going up to meet Tasuki's, before looking off to the side. He won't lead their lives; they have to make their own decisions. He'll only offer them some advice. ::

"You can never tell how valuable lives are . . . not until you're courting death itself. But this shall always tell me how foolishly I played with life and death . . . and how everyone had to pay because of my actions." :: He can't say anymore; his voice has gotten low and broken enough as it is. And now his physical composure is going too . . . Abruptly, Chichiri turns and gets out of the bath, quickly gathering his things in one fluid motion (it helped that he laid them down neatly) before quickly walking towards the exit. ::

:: He's . . . yes. The tears on his face are evident enough. He's crying. ::
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Chichiri: Now now, calm down, no da [10 Aug 2001|02:50pm]

Location : Bath Area ((aww . . . no? *wobble wobble*))

:: Is a little hurt by Tasuki's comment, but nothing escapes the mask. Still, he manages to come out mildly annoyed with it all. :: "You never told me to warn you." :: o.o Strange . . . it's almost in a snappish sort of tone. The mask frowns at Tasuki. ::

:: Turns to Nuriko. :: "Ano . . . he sort of invited himself along, no da. ^^;;;; I don't quite mind though, it's nice to have friends around. And yes, how did you manage to get away from your attendants, Nuriko-kun?"

((For future reference, either '::' for the motions, or just nothing at all. Gets confusing when Mochi tries to put 'em as thoughts. ^^))
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Tasuki: Damn it all! [10 Aug 2001|01:35pm]

Location: Bath Area ((No orgy yet Sicil! *kicks her*))

Tasuki heads to the northern side of the bath area away from Nuriko and Chichiri. 'Che! Damn bastards! Can't give me some time to relax even!' He then forgets that his bottle of sake is on the southern side and heads back to get it.

Rushing back to the other side, "Damn Nuriko. Don't do that ok?! Fucking damn it! And Shut Up Chichiri! If you *knew* he was behind be at least warn me why don't cha!" Tasuki ends it with a giant sigh and sinks back down into the water.

'Geeze! I'm supposed to relax, not sense Ki. Fuck it all!! I'm going to relax this time if it takes the whole damn day!'

"Shut the heck up Nuriko. I can be damn quite for once if you don't come out of no where and scare the hell out of me. What the hell are you here any ways? Are you supposed to be in the rooms getting your ass glamorized?"

((Cameron, your icon ^__^ Never knew that Nuriko can look like JC XD You're scaring Sicil away! *grins*))
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Chichiri: D-daaaa!!! [09 Aug 2001|11:16pm]

Location : Soap'n'orgy Area ((*cough cough* I mean, *BATH* Area))

::Sits contently with his back arched, innocently aware of Tasuki's feasting eyes on him. Some things never change. >.<;; He notes the silence with all his usual intellect ((Da!)), and is just about to start up a conversation, when . . .::

"Nuriko, good of you to come in, no da." ::Him, being the wise and powerful monk he is, of course sensed the other's chi when he came in. Unlike Tasuki, who's about to hit the roof. ^^;; Sees that the so-said bandit isn't calming down any time soon, and makes placating gestures with his hands.:: "Easy, easy, Tasuki-kun. If you were to concentrate hard enough, you would have sensed his chi, no da!" ::Now there's a concept, Tasuki concentrating hard . . . on anything. Well, maybe on one or two things he does, but this isn't likely one of them.::

"Now . . . why don't we all settle down and enjoy the peace while it lasts?" ::Arches an eyebrow wisely at them and goes back to his relaxation.::
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Tasuki: FUCK! [09 Aug 2001|10:06pm]

Location: Bath Area

"Holy SHIT!" He jumps out of the water only to drop back into the water with a large splash.

Emerging from the waters, "FUCK!" He spins around to see Nuriko, "DAMN IT NURIKO! Scare the FUCK out of ME why don't CHA!"

Tasuki places both hands over his chest from preventing his heart from leaping out of his chest with the sudden sneaky move. He glares at Nuriko while his back is facing Chichiri.
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